Fidesic AP For QuickBooks Desktop Setup Guide


This will take you through the standard steps for account configuration and setup of Fidesic AP for QuickBooks Desktop. If you'd prefer, this guide is also available in video format below. This video is geared towards Dynamics GP, however the setup provided in the video is applicable to QuickBooks Desktop

Creating Your Account

Head to the New Account Page: 

Required Fields

  • Official Company Name (Will be used for payment processing)
  • First and Last name
  • Email Address (Your Business Email Address)
  • Accounting Package: QuickBooks Desktop
  • Product Type : Accounts Payable

Click Register

After you've clicked create account you'll receive a confirmation email. This will allow you to set up a password for your account and login for the first time. Simply click the link in the confirmation email to be taken to the password setup page. 

After you've created your account, you'l be logged in automatically. 


Company Profile Setup and Configuration

Head to settings icon, and select Company Settings


From here you'll be on the Company Profile tab. 

Click on the Edit button:


Please provide the following info (These fields are required for payment processing, and will be used as your return address on any printed checks.  

  • Address 1
  • City
  • State 
  • ZIP
  • Confirm Accounting Package is set to QuickBooks
  • Phone Number

You can also upload a custom logo using the Choose File prompt



Company Preferences

The following are a list of preferences and what they control within Fidesic. If you have any questions about the exact details of a preferences it's best to leave it in it's default state, and contact support for more info.

Enabling Location Preference

    • This preference adds several location based functions within the system. If you have a segment of your GL assigned to specific locations or markets, you likely will want to enable this preference. 
    • Things enabled by this preference:
      • Location based user controls for invoice visibility
      • Location based invoice routing 
      • Location based invoice capture on OCR
      • Locations Tab under company settings for uploading Locations Lists and Addresses. 
      • Location Based sorting in the Invoices Received page. 

Enable Outsourced Check Fulfillment

    • This preference will opt you in for Fidesic to Print and Mail your paper checks. Enabling this will mean you can no longer download and print checks locally from Fidesic. We will begin processing the next available batch at a rate outlined in your agreement.

For a detailed overview of all AP Company Permissions, View the page detail in the help desk

Add Users and Roles


To get to the roles page, navigate to Settings and click Manage Users


From the Manage Roles Screen you have the ability to create groups for different levels of users within your organization. These roles can then be assigned to individual users. We've pre-loaded Fidesic with common base roles. 


Clicking the plus sign to the right of the role name will expand the group and show you the details.


Selecting the mceclip2.pngicon will allow you to edit a role's many permissions that are listed below.

For more information on individual permission, view the Permission Full Detail Page

Manage Users

To add or manage users, head to Manage Users in the left navigation panel


 To add a new user, click the options button and select Add User. We need a valid email address and assigned role to create a new user. 


To manage users, click the to expand the user detail. You can add/remove roles, add/remove assigned locations, view pending invoice approvals, or resend the signup email. 


Invoice Processing Setup (Including OCR/Data Capture)

You have multiple options for invoice submission setup. The most common way is to use email dropboxes. 

Email Dropbox Setup

In the main left hand navigation menu, select Invoice Inbox


This page will allow you set your custom Fidesic Dropbox addresses. Most companies use their company name as the prefix on the ap dropbox email setup. Enter your email dropbox prefix and click save. 


Once set, you will have two email addresses for submission of invoices. 


Using the address

Invoices sent to this address will queue up on the Invoice Inbox page in either the My Queue or Company Queue tab. Invoices submitted by your user name address will show up in My Queue and all else will appear in the Company Queue

To Process invoices in this queue, simply click the PDF name, or click the arrow for more options. 



Using the address

Invoices sent to this inbox will be automatically captured by our system and will not require manual entry. Please note, invoices sent to this queue may take up to 1 business day before they appear in your approval queue. 

Additionally you can use locations codes on this prefix to automatically add location coding to invoices sent to OCR. 

To enable this, you will need location company preference enabled. Once enabled, Invoices sent to these addresses will be coded to their corresponding locations by OCR. Invoices sent to the general OCR address will be coded based on the "ship to address" on invoices.

To submit to location based dropboxes use the following format: two+location


Add Banking Info

Before processing any payments (paper check or ACH) using Fidesic, you will need to enter bank account information. For this to function properly, this info must have a matching configuration on the CheckbookID within QuickBooks. 

To add banking info, head to the Settings menu, then select Banking. 


To add a bank account, you will need to enter all fields and then hit save. Note, Account Nickname must match bank id as it's set on the Checkbook within QuickBooks. 


Add Locations

Location configuration will enable all Location based features within Fidesic including user based location assignment, location based capture with OCR, and location based approval routing an visibility. 

To get to the GL Setup, Navigate to Settings-> Company Settings -> Locations tab.  

If you do not see the locations tab, you need to enable 

One enabled, you'll be able to use this page to add Specific locations and tie them with your chart of accounts. 


You can add individual locations using the Add button, but to add multiple, or Location Addresses, you should use the uploader behind the click here button. 

The uploader supports and standard flat file format, just make sure all column headings match with the required column names on the uploader page 


Configure GL/Chart of Accounts

If you haven't already done so, it would be best to install the Fidesic Vendor Sync Module prior to configuring your GL accounts in Fidesic. Setting up these account names will enable individual GL segment based rules and stages within the workflow engine. 

To get to the GL Setup, Navigate to Settings-> Company Settings -> Chart of Accounts tab. 


To edit the segment names, click on a segment and the list will them become editable. 

Make sure to pick your number of segments and give each segment a name matching to how you have things set up in QuickBooks. 


Set up a Workflow

Our workflow is completely customizable in stages, rules, and number of approvers. For a brief overview of the workflow setup, please view the following video:

For more info or help on configuration, please contact support or your Fidesic onboarding Rep. 


Direct ACH Setup

For info on setting up Direct ACH with Fidesic and your bank, please review our Direct ACH Setup Guide


Fidesic for QuickBooks Desktop Module Installation

The Fidesic AP Module for QuickBooks will connect your QuickBooks system to Fidesic for all functions. Individual Instructions below. 

Fidesic Module for QuickBooks Desktop Installation