Installing Fidesic for Multi-Entity Management


  1. User Log out and GP shutdown NOT required for this module.
  2. Only complete the steps after completing the standard Fidesic Module for GP Installation. 


Fidesic for MEM is a pair of scripts that need to be run on the company database that will be using fidesic and MEM


Implementation must be done as a WINDOWS ADMINISTRATOR during all steps. Whenever possible to “run application as administrator”, please do so to avoid any issues.


Script Location: C:\Program Files (x86)\Fidesic\MEM

  • 1. MEM__CombinedSQL_GP2018 (name will vary based on version of GP)
  • 2. MEM trigger PM10100

Open SQL Server Management Studio

  1. Open MEM__CombinedSQL_GP2018
  2. Select GP Company Database
  3. Hit execute
  4. Open MEM Trigger PM1010
  5. Select GP Company Database
  6. Hit execute
  7. Repeat for all company databases within GP