Fidesic July 2021 Release Notes


We've been spending much of our time improving the User Experience while using Fidesic. This includes tweaks to existing pages to make them more user friendly, and a code overhaul to improve the experience generally. 

Fidesic Usability Improvements

  • Updated the Vendor Account Center Payment Account page to allow editing of an existing record. 
  • Workflow
    • Improvements to the Workflow function to better support deleting exiting rules, and skipping approval. 
    • Improved Field validation on Workflow rules resulting in a smoother user experience. 
    • Remove "in" as an operator from the front end of the site. Any number of rule values can be added to the "Equals" operator. 
  • Closing Tools
    • We've added a new page entitled "Closing" under the Tools section for admins. Functions of this include
      • Running Accrual Reports
      • Resetting invoice dates to the current period.
      • (coming soon) the ability to close a period and lock out invoice entry. 
  • Company Setup
    • Fixed a bug allowing users to not upload a logo in some cases. 
    • View API Keys has been added to the site for administrators. This gives you the API login info to connect to Fidesic directly using our API. 
  • Edit Customer
    • Now supports reminders setup on the front end. 
  • Customer Account Center
    • Now supports Autocharge for ACH payments. 


Automated Testing

We've been added automated testing to all pages to increase the consistency of our deploys of new code. 

Migration away from old code

We've updated our GP module integrator window to support a more modern code set. This should increase performance and allow faster updates and upgrades to the Fidesic generally.