Fidesic June 2021 Release Notes


This month was spent mostly on quality of life improvements to the site, as well as making sure all features on the old version of Fidesic are available, and better on the new version. We've also updated our OCR process to have more flexibility in terms of multi-entity support, and continued to improve the customer account center on the new version of Fidesic. 

OCR Improvements

  • OCR can now select specific vendors based on entity/location assignment from the email submission address. 

New Fidesic Updates

  • Updated login link redirects to support the new version of Fidesic. All links in emails should now be pointing to the new site. 
  • Added a more modern loading spinner to all pages. 
  • Added a new report for AP Invoice Status by Users
    • This will created a new report that shows how long each invoice took in each individual approvers queue. Giving you more visibility into potential approval bottlenecks. 
  • Added the ability to import an "apply sales document'" report on the new version. 
  • Updated the way the email service works to be less taxing on the system generally, and improve speed overall. 
  • Added a verification check for all paper checks generated to insure that all checks that need to be printed were indeed printed. 

Customer Account Center

  • Added support for auto-charge on ACH. 
  • Removed unnecessary verbiage around printing payments. 

The Old Fidesic

  • Added a note reminding people it will be decommissioned this year. 

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a rare bug that caused incorrect invoice date calculation. 
  • Fixed a bug causing the "Pickup where you left off" prompt to pop up twice. 
  • Fixed a report that was giving inconsistent results (Payment allocation report)
  • Fixed a bug causes RSA keys to not save to the site properly on Direct ACH setup. 
    • Fixed a related bug where Test ACH files were not generating properly.