Fidesic Release Notes May 2021


This month was focused on improving the most high traffic pages on our site to make them even more user friendly. The biggest effort on this end was the Unapproved Invoices page updates. We think this page is a big upgrade, so let us know if you have any feedback to further optimize. 


Site Improvements

  • New Approvals Page- We rebuilt the approvals page from the ground up to be faster, more efficient in it's use of space, more clear, and all around a better way to quickly review and approve many invoices. 
    • mceclip1.png
    • Click on the "Try the New Approvals Page" to check it out. 
  • Updated PO capture support for using that field to track locations. 
  • Added a footer to login pages to provide better access to our privacy policy info. 
  • Payment Address OCR Selection Improvement - We improved the way OCR is able to capture and select vendor addresses on invoices.  We also made several improvements to OCR's ability to accurately capture location information. 
  • Modified the "invoice inbox" icon to be more clear on it's functions.
  • V2 Customer Portal- Updated GL view to not include extra info. 
  • Improved the Invoice Entry page with better validation and feedback on submissions. 
  • The Old Fidesic- Added a message reminding users that end of life is coming 8/15/21. 


New Client Signups

  • New AP Clients- Now set up to enable direct ACH by default. 


Bug Fixes

  • Address being set to "null" was causing issues in some special cases. 
  • Fixed a filtering issue on the "payments sent" page.