Fidesic Release Notes April 2021



This month was focused on two main priorities. First, we focused on enabling features to create a fully functional free version of Fidesic for small use cases, or for larger companies to try without a time limit. Second, we optimized the code and general speed of many parts of the site more generally. 

Fidesic for Free

  • We added 50 Free OCR for Fidesic for Free Users
    • Added a front end way to track OCR count easily for all clients. 
  • We added a limit so you can have up to 3 users and be on Fidesic for Free
  • Removed the time limit to Free Versions of Fidesic
  • Signup Page now stipulates terms of Free Fidesic.

Site Speed Optimization

  • Invoice Lookups
  • Payment Account Lookups
  • Dashboard Lookup
  • Get Contact By User
  • Invoice Detail Page 
  • GL Segment Lookup

General Improvements and bug fixes

  • Customer Search Result
    • We now display "no results found" to indicate the search is complete. 
  • Quicksort Vendor Lists
    • This Vendor Lists page now has quick sort options like other list pages
  • Adjusting Final Invoice in your approval queue
    • There was a bug where adjusting the final invoice in your approval queue 
  • AP Payment Sync, Do not remove &
    • There was a bug with payment sync that was removing ampersands from the upload. 
  • Reset Password
    • Fixed a rare bug asking for security questions
  • Fix CAC Unpaid Credit Currency

GL Description

  • Added ability to add and sync GL descriptions with GP. 


  • Improved Speed
  • Improved Pending Approval Table View