March 2021 Fidesic Release Notes


In the past month we've focused on many quality of life improvements to Fidesic. We've increased the ability to manage many banking functions on the front end, added visibility into the OCR process through a new report, fleshed out multiple payment address support and added a few of our most requested report updates. 



Reminder: The End of OLD Fidesic

We have officially begun the process of shutting down the OLD version of Fidesic. If you've signed up in the last 18 months you are already on the new version. Nearly all other clients have made the switch as well. If you're still using the old version please switch over as soon as possible. We will have all features ported over in the next couple months so make sure to let us know if you any issues in your transition to the new version of the site. 

**The official End of support date for Old Fidesic is 8-15-2021**

The new version is packed with user friendly features that should make your job easier and less time consuming. 

UI Update

  • UI Update to make no customers found more obvious. 
  • Updated locations upload
  • Added GL Description to the Invoices Received page. You can now assign descriptions to specific invoice GLs on the front end of Fidesic and these will import into GP. 
  • Added the ability to generate a RSA key to the front end of Fidesic for Direct ACH on the Bank Accounts page. 


  • We now have the option to sign up users for a twice daily OCR report. This report will include who submitted the invoices, and their current status within OCR.

Positive Pay Support

  • How has help text to assist with adding in Positive pay into to a bank account. 



  • Approval Counts by User has been added. 
  • Mark Batch as Imported. If a batch get's interrupted, you can now bulk mark batches as exported to GP from the Invoices Imported report. This will keep these invoices from showing up when you attempt to import. 

Payment Address support

  • Fidesic now runs an additional check to confirm that the invoice and paper check have a matching address. If there is not a matching address, this payment will be flagged. 
  • We added the ability to update payment addresses on the front end to make payments match their invoices.