February 2021 Fidesic Release Notes


In the past month we've added to our built in Setup and Training Tools on the dashboard. These tools will take you through various aspects of Fidesic based on your role and current setup stage. We also updated our AR module to support multiple currencies. 



Special Note: The End of OLD Fidesic

We have officially begun the process of shutting down the OLD version of Fidesic. If you've signed up in the last 18 months you are already on the new version. Nearly all other clients have made the switch as well. If you're still using the old version please switch over as soon as possible. We will have all features ported over in the next couple months so make sure to let us know if you any issues in your transition to the new version of the site. 

**The official End of support date for Old Fidesic is 8-15-2021**


The new version is packed with user friendly features that should make your job easier and less time consuming. 

Fidesic Setup Steps

  • Added UI for Setup Steps
  • QBO Connection
  • Direct Users to company setup options
  • Pick up where you left off prompt added

Fidesic Training

  • QBO Syncing Options
  • Direct Payment Approvers to add a signature to process checks. 

Fidesic AR Multi-Currency Support

  • CurrencyID now stored on a customer level. 
  • Updated our GP Module to upload CurrencyID for customers
  • Updated GP module to support sending currency with invoices and payment receipts

QuickBooks Desktop Module upgrade

  • Updated module to support more version of QBD