Fidesic Release Notes- January 2021


This month was spent mostly on new user, and new account setup steps. Most users will now have access to a Fidesic Setup and Training section in their Dashboard. We also updated our GP module and made several usability and quality of life improvements to the site generally. 


Fidesic Setup and Training

New Users now will be able to walk through usage and setup steps. Simply click the "Learn" button but be taken through prompts to assist you in using Fidesic.  If you don't want/need help on any item, feel free to click hide. Expect a consistent flow of newly added training/setup instructions over the next few months. 



Payment Approval

Location is now available on the "unapproved payments" page during payment approval/review. This should make it easier to quickly identify the payment origin location while approving. 

Merchant Account Support

We've upgraded our support of all merchant accounts to work on our new version of Fidesic Framework natively. 

New Fidesic Login

The new login page now supports full branding and custom messaging for customer and vendor account center logins. 

Dynamics GP

Updated our module for the 18.3.1200 YE update. 


Workflow UI

Fixed a bug where the UI rolls off the end of the page in some cases.