Sign up to Receive ACH Payments from you Customer Using Fidesic

Signup Overview

From a vendors perspective, you are able to sign up to receive ACH Payments if your customer is using Fidesic for payments. 

You should receive a direct link to the signup page, or if you are still receiving check stubs in the mail, there will be a link to the vendor sign up portal on the bottom right of the check stock. (it will be something like ) and click on the New User? Register now! button. 


You'll be required to provide an account number (which in your case will be VendorID and should be displayed on your most recent check stub) . 

Adding Banking information

Adding banking info will opt you in for ACH payment receipt. To do so, navigate to ACH Account in the main left navigation. Then click Add Checking Account




Enter Required info and click the Save Icon. 



After clicking save you'll be able to see the added account under ACH account to confirm it is in Active Status. 




Your next processed payment will be delivered by ACH to the configured account, and you'll receive a payment receipt email delivered to your registered email on the site.