Fidesic December 2020 Release Notes


This past month was spent laying the groundwork for built-in training for all new users of Fidesic. This includes newly added users for existing customers. Expect the training dashboard to show up in the next month. 

Aside from standard customer feedback improvements, bug fixes, and maintenance items, we've also added all necessary features for the customer account center on the new version of Fidesic. This is the final missing piece, so we expect to be rolling all users to the new Fidesic in the coming months. If you're not already using new Fidesic, now is a great time to switch. 



  • Added a dashboard to keep track of training status on our current dashboard. 
  • Added the ability to track new dashboard signup steps per user. 


Customer Account Center

  • Custom Branding on the New Version of Fidesic has been added. You can pick your default color and Customer Account Center will be branded. 
  • Added support for Quick Sorting of invoices from the Pay invoices Page. 
  • Added "Customer View" for admins using Fidesic AR.  This allows users to see exactly what a customers portal will look like from their perspective. 
  • Enter Payment info real time feedback. This page now provides real time feedback on entered fields to make it easier for a user to enter and spot errors. 

Enter Invoice

  • Now displays Vendor ID on page by default. 

Bug Fixes and Maintenance

  • Grabbing proper addressID in some circumstances. 
  • Customer AR List- Fixed a bug where some customers were not displaying. 
  • Removed Classic ASP
  • Updated Check Vendor ID position to better support more bank automatic capture. 
  • Resolved an issue where customers issue payments against many invoices receive a timeout.