Fidesic Release Notes November 2020


This month was spent largely on finishing up the Customer Account Center for release using The New Fidesic. This new version supports custom branding, while adding a modern UI and design language to the customer portal. Make sure to contact support if you'd like to move your existing customer portal to the new version!

All features are new Fidesic only unless otherwise specified. 

Invoices Detail Page

  • Sales Tax optional calculation added

Multi-Page Column Sorting

Invoices Received, Invoices Sent, and Pay Invoices Pages

  • Column sorting now includes all pages, including pages that are sorted using other search criteria. 
  • There were speed improvements and optimization made to these pages as well. 


Customer Account Center


Depreciated API routes removed for security enhancement. 


  • We changed how timeouts were handled to timeout users less frequently
  • Fixed a bug timing out some users very quickly