Signing up for and using the Customer Account Center

The customer account center is the easy way to review and pay invoices sent to you through Fidesic. The branding and colors may look different depending on exactly what account you are logging in to review, but all major functions will be the same.


The best way to signup for Fidesic Customer Account Center is to use the email sent from Fidesic. This email will contain a link to complete your signup process. If you do not have an email, you can navigate directly to your vendors custom url (ex. If you do not know your custom URL, many of our clients link them from their main home page. You can also head to and use the live chat to ask where to register. 

Once on the correct login screen, you can simply click "Register Now"

This page will require entering your CustomerID. This information will be available on an invoice from your vendor, and might be reffered to as customer number, or franchise number. You may also be required to enter an invoice number. Feel free to any recent invoice number. You'll also be required to enter your email (this will be used as your login) and create a password. 

Accept Terms and click the "Sign Up" button. You will be directed back to the login page, where you will be able to login using your newly created login. 

Add Payment Account Info

Before you are able to pay any invoices using our system, you will need to enter payment account information which depending on your configuration may be credit card, ach or both. Click on Payment Account in the left hand navigation. 


To add a new payment method, click on either Add Checking Account or Add Credit Card on the left hand side. 


You will then be prompted to enter all required information to enter a valid Credit Card or ACH payment account. 


All added payment accounts will be available on this page. You'll also be able to enter additional payment accounts if you chose to do so. Simply repeat the above steps. 


To Pay your bill automatically, you can enroll in auto-charge. Click on Payment Account on the left hand navigation, the click on Enroll in Auto-Charge


Select a payment method, the type of auto charge, and then click the check box and save. Your invoices will now be automatically paid based on the set up auto-charge configuration. 


Pay Invoices

To pay invoices, head to the Pay Invoices option in the the left hand navigation menu. This page will display all pending invoices that require payment. 

To pay multiple invoices, select all invoices you'd like to pay on this page. Then in the bottom of the pane there is a Quick Pay menu. Select the Payment Account you'd wish to pay, the payment date, and click pay. 


You will be prompted to confirm the payment after clicking pay. This will issue a single payment against all selected invoices. 

Additionally you can pay invoices one at a time by click on the invoice number on this page. You'll then be taken to the invoice detail page where you'll have the option to issue a payment directly against this invoice. 


View Invoices Received

You can view invoices sent to you by clicking on the Invoices Received option in the left hand navigation. This will include all invoices that you have received, including ones you have already paid. You have the ability to pull and download PDF copies of the invoices from the customer account center. 

To sort invoices that are displayed on this page, you can use the quick sort options. 


To search for a specific dollar amount or invoice number, you can do so using the Search By option. 


Clicking on an invoice on this page will take you to the Invoice Detail page. From this page you'll be able to view all data, history and view a copy of the original PDF. If this invoice is unpaid, you will have the option to issue a payment on this invoice from this page as well. 


View Payments Sent

To view a history of all sent payments you've submitted to this vendor, click on the Payments Sent option on the left hand navigation. This page will include payments sent through the Fidesic Customer Account Center, as well as payments sent offline. 

You have the ability to use the quick sort options at the top of this page to display a collection of payments that you are looking. 


If you're looking for something specific, you can search for a specific value using the search by function. 


Clicking on any payment line displayed will take you to the payment detail page where you can see info on exactly what invoices where paid, and additional info on the payment itself.