Fidesic Customer Card Setup- Dynamics GP


Fidesic uses the built in "Customer Maintenance" window in GP to manage customer records. These records will be synced with Fidesic when invoices are uploaded. Dynamics GP acts as the master record of customers. 

Email Address Sync with Fidesic 

Fidesic syncs emails addresses that have been added to the E-Mail field on the Internet Address information popup within GP. To navigate to this first head to Cards->Sales->Customer, then click on the Internet Information Globe. Fidesic does support multiple addresses on this field, separated by a ;



Fidesic Customer Options

To Navigate to the the Fidesic Customer Maintenance window, navigate to the Customer Maintenance and click on Fidesic Options under the Additional menu. 



Setting Default Delivery Method

From this window you will be able to select the default delivery method per customer. This will only allow you to select options that have a valid delivery address. Ex. You cannot set email as delivery method for a record without an email on file. 

Setting the default as Mail will instruct our system to generate a PDF copy in a batched for on Fidesic, this will allow you to print directly from Fidesic, or have out handle the outsourced fulfillment. 

Apply Options to All Customers Option

This will ATTEMPT to apply the options open on this window to all customer records. This will only modify record that have a valid delivery method on file. If you select Email and a customer record does not have a valid email, the delivery method will stay the same. 


You are also able to configure reminders from this window. Turning on reminders will set automatic reminders to deliver based on the selected delivery method. This option can also be enabled for all customers as mentioned above.