Fidesic Release Notes July 2020


This month was focused on a couple projects. Finishing up a few minor QuickBooks Online quality of life improvements, finishing multiple AddressID support for Dynamics GP, and updating webmethods used on our site. The updating webmethods project is by far the biggest project of the previous month and will allow us to increase site speed as well as increase the speed with which we can deploy new features. This is a part of the long term plan to completely update the build of Fidesic so it can remain stable in the long term. 


Vendor AddressID support

  • Made a modification to the Fidesic AP Module for Dyanmics GP to support manual selection of AddressID on a Vendor by Vendor Basis. 
  • Support for Single Address ID Records


QuickBooks Online

  • Added New Check for "Disconnected" Status on active QuickBooks Online Setups. 

Global Error Handling

  • Improved error handling to provide more useful info to end users. 


Webmethods Update

  • Update to all site pages moving towards a new webmethods framework. 
  • This project is roughly 60% complete at this point.