Fidesic June 2020 Release Notes


This past month was largely focused on enhancing multiple address ID support for vendors. This included several front end changes to allow selection and editing of address ID info, and a change to both our GP modules to support the added data. Beyond that, we've fixed a few bugs, and are prepping for full roll out of our AR solution using the new updated Fidesic platform. 

Standard release notes

Company Settings

  • Fixed a bug throwing an error related to editing terms. 

.net Core

  • Adjusted the way .net core authorization works for the Fidesic API to connect to multiple sources. 

Vendor Address ID Support

  • Added a way to manage multiple vendor Address IDs on the vendor records within Fidesic
  • Added the ability to add/edit Address ID from the Invoice Enter or Adjust page
  • Added Vendor Address ID syncing to the Fidesic Vendor Sync Module
  • Added Vendor Address ID support to the Fidesic Module itself 

AP Integration for GP

  • Changed the sort order on the Payments Upload page to sort by Check number. 

Fidesic AR version 2

  • Updated the Payments Received page for better functionality and easier usage
  • Invoice Category View can now be edited from the front end