Fidesic May 2020 Release Notes


This past month was largely focused on new user signup improvements, and improvements to how we handle payment preferences on the front end of the site. All these changes should assist with the speed and simplicity of getting new payment clients up and running. 

Standard release notes

Account Signup

  • Simplified Roles for Newly Created AP Companies
  • Changed how users are logged agreeing to TOS. 

Payment Processing Improvement

  • Added a front end preference to allow users to sign up for Fidesic Outsourced Check fulfillment from the company preference page. 

User Signature Control

  • Added the ability for users to upload signatures directly to their profiles
  • Added the ability for users to upload company signatures directly on Fidesic.


  • Fixed a bug that sometimes resulted in an error on the OCR Rejected queue when empty
  • New Location Based OCR email support. OCR email address now support a "+location code" structure in the email address for increased location enabled data capture accuracy. 

Import Payments Function

  • Fixed a bug that sometimes did not allow import of some flat files.