Fidesic April 2020 Release Notes


This past month was mostly spent on finishing touches on QuickBooks Online, some back end prep work for a faster pace of dev moving forward, and a few tweaks the new version of Fidesic to add customer requested features. 

Standard release notes

QuickBooks Online

  • Completed several items to qualify as a QuickBooks Online Certified Product. 
  • Automatic Reconnect after a Disconnect

Manage User and Roles

  • Added "Admin" tag for all admin users. This allows users to more clearly understand what users are billed at the 'admin' level. 

Invoice Detail

  • Enter invoice and Invoice detail page now have a link to the PDF which is copy/paste-able. 
  • ClassID and DeptID support and lookup added to page.  


  • Fixed a bug with the mail dequeue system that sometimes resulted in emails not being delivered.
  • Upgrade from net 4.7.1 to net 4.7.2