February 2020 Fidesic Release Notes


This past month our big initiative was to add full QuickBooks Online support to Fidesic. This project is wrapping up this month and should be ready for release in the next sprint. We also worked on some bug fixes on the new version of the site, and updated some feature in our Vendor Sync Module for Dynamics GP. 


Standard release notes

Vendor Sync Updates

  • We updated the way accounts are stored to allow vendor sync to function on new style signups. 
  • Allow deletion of Terms. 
  • Force UTF Encoding Added
  • Added deactivation of GLs


Payment Allocation Reports

We added more detail to the payment allocation report for easier bank reconciliation. 


QuickBooks Online Integration Support work 

  • Store ClientID in a way compatible with QuickBooks Online
  • Added Sync Payments with QuickBooks Online UI
  • Added Vendor Sync Support with QuickBooks Online
  • Added Permissions surrounded QuickBooks Online support
  • QuickBooks Online Connect Function completed and UI created
  • Return Bank accounts from QuickBooks Online for payment support
  • Added checks for QuickBooks Online set as the accounting system within Fidesic


ACH Generation Service

Updated the way this works to allow greater compatibility with more banks. 


Check Backup Report

Modified this report to allow flexibility on a client to client bases. End user can now control what criteria to use when selecting this payment backup report. 


Enter Invoice

  • Fix for Variance of $0 issue.