January 2020 Fidesic Release Notes


This past month our big initiative was the ability to collect Net Promoter Score Feedback. This will allow us to capture feedback directly within the site, and focus on the aspects of the system that you all care about the most. We've also worked on some improvements to our 'always on' sync with Dynamics GP to provide more feedback to you, the end user.  We're working as quick as we can based on your feedback, and greatly appreciate it!



Standard release notes

ACH Services Deployment

We can deploy to production using Gitlab for ACH services 


NPS- Net Promoter Score

We've added built in Net Promoter Score collection to Fidesic. This will allow us to more closely track User's opinions, and allow us to focus on development that will best assist our current customers in their usage of Fidesic. This popup will appear every 6 months, and users have the option to opt out if they prefer. 


Last Vendor and GL Sync Displayed on Fidesic 

Customers can now set accounting system from the customer account center in preparation for them being able to export a flat file for integration into their accounting system. 

 Users are now able to see when Vendors and GLs were last sync'd from GP to Fidesic using the Fidesic Vendor Sync Module. This information is displayed on the Vendor List Page for vendors, and the GL list page for GLs. 


Unapproved Invoices Page on the New Fidesic Now supports greater than 100 records. 

Users now have the ability to view more than 100 pending approvals from their approval queue. 


QuickBooks Online Export Support for the Customer Account Center

Users using the "Customer Account Center" or Customer Portal now have the ability to sync their AP invoices directly with QuickBooks Online. If you'd like this feature enabled for your customers, let us know and we can enable. 


Either/Or Approval Rules support for "Replace Delegate" Function 

From the Manage Users page, the "Replace Delegate" function now fully supports workflow rules that utilize "Either/Or" as a rule type. 


Internet Explorer Support- 

Fixed a bug with IE Function Defaults. 

Fixed a bug with IE not displaying dates properly.