Fidesic December 2019 Release Notes


This December release was focused largely on improvements to the new version of Fidesic. We've added some new reports and fixed issues uncovered by our customers. If you've tried the latest version of Fidesic early  and switch back to the older version, now might be a great time to give it another shot. We're working as quick as we can based on your feedback, and greatly appreciate it!



Standard release notes

Automatic Vendor Sync Module for GP

This module has been updated to check and automatically install .net 4.6 during the installation process. 


API Login 

We're now able to more accurately track usage of our Fidesic API. 


Customer Account Center

Customers can now set accounting system from the customer account center in preparation for them being able to export a flat file for integration into their accounting system. 



Vendor Account Center- Ported to v2

Updated left hand navigation for increased clarity. 

Enter Invoice page was updated to work fully from the Vendor view. 


Bootstrap 4 Upgrade

This was a large change to the overall look and feel of the site. This should allow us to more quickly update the UI of the site and was largely done to help with future development. No functional changes should be noticeable on the site. 

Fixed issue surrounding user visibility permissions related to the new version specifically. 



Adding a payments allocation report for Accounts Receivable customers. 


Internet Explorer Support- 

Fixed a bug with IE login. 

Fixed a bug for IE not erasing search results properly. 


Enter Invoice

Corrected an issue with invoice locations not storing properly on edit.