Payments Sent

The Payments Sent page makes it easy to look up, and run exports of all payment data. This list will include all payments or your payments based on user preferences. 



Across the top of the page are quick Filters for easily searching invoices by status:

The Quick Filter Selected will be underlined in red


Options for searching:

  • Vendor Name
  • Check Number
  • Reference Number
  • Amount

Advanced Search:


  • Type- You can select document type
  • Status- Any status
  • Date Sorting
    • A date range can be set to further restrict your search outcome


    • Due Date
    • Invoice Date
    • Created Date

Exporting to Excel

Once you have filtered the payments to display what you want you to have the option to export to Excel. Simply click “Export To Excel” and select which columns you would like to include in your Excel export.