Vendor List


Actions available from this page:

  • Options
    • Export to excel file
    • Inactive Venors : Shows Deactivated Accounts
  • Clicking Vendor Number / Name
    • This will take you to the vendor detail page. See below for more info. 
  • Search By “Filters”
    • Segments lists of vendors. See filters below for more info. 
  • Deactivate Vendor
    • Clicking the “X” at the end of the row after vendor name14.PNG
  • Next
    • Goes to next 15 vendors in the list. 
  • Go To:
    • Jumps to specific page number of vendor lists. 



  • “Search By” Options
    • Vendor Name
    • Email Address
    • Vendor ID16.PNG
  • Search Text
    • Will sort list based on a search by option above. 
  • Advanced Search
    • “Is Registered?”: Is the vendor signed up or not.
    • 15.PNG
  • Search
    • Will filter list based on search criteria set above.