Invoices Received Overview


Invoices Received Overview

The Invoices Received page makes it easy to look up and run exports of all invoice data. This list will include all invoices or your invoices based on user preferences. 

Quick Filters


Across the top of the page are quick Filters for easily searching invoices by status:

The Top Quick Filter is based on invoice Status. 

  • ALL- Show All Statuses
  • Unconfirmed- These invoices have cleared OCR but have not yet hit the workflow (not used for all clients)
  • Unapproved - These invoices are currently pending approval from someone within the workflow. 
  • Approved- These invoices are fully approved and ready for export to your accounting system. 
  • Exported- These invoices have been exported to your accounting system. 
  • Unpaid- These invoices have a payment created but not yet approved. 
  • Partially Paid- These invoice have an approved payment, but are not completely paid. 
  • Paid- These invoices have been paid. 
  • Voided- These invoices have been voided during the approval process. 


Bottom Quick Search Options-

  • All- This will show all invoices and transaction types
  • My Invoices- This will only show invoices that are either assigned to your user in the workflow. 
  • Invoices- This will only show invoices
  • Credits- This will only show credits


  • Date Type- Will control the Operator for the next search
    • Invoice Date
    • Created Date
    • Due Date
  • Search Type
    • Last 30 Days
    • This month
    • This year
    • Custom- will allow you to select custom dates to display. 

Options for searching:

  • Vendor Name
  • Invoice Number
  • Vendor Email Address
  • Invoice Number
  • Amount
  • GL Code
  • Location

Exporting to Excel

Once you have filtered the invoice to display what you want, you have the option to export to Excel. Simply click  the export button and you will receive an excel format download of your invoices selected.