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Capturing GP Error Log for Troubleshooting


Make sure you have admin-level permissions on the machine with GP installed. 

If you run into any issue, you can remove the two lines added the "dex.ini" file and it should go back to normal. 



  1. Close out of GP.
  2. Navigate to GP's Dex.ini file:
    1. C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Dynamics\GP2018\Data (May vary depending on GP version and install location)
  3. Open dex.ini with notepad.
  4. Add the following 2 lines at the end of this file and save:
    1. ScriptDebugger=TRUE
    2. ScriptDebuggerProduct=2703
  5. Launch GP. New "Debug" option should now appear on your top-level menu.
  6. Navigate to Payables Batches window within GP.
  7. Create a temporary batch.
  8. Click the "debug menu".
  9. Click "save scripts" and save to a location you will remember.
  10. Click "Log Scripts".
  11. Perform procedure using Fidesic that is not functioning properly. 
  12. Once complete, click debug, then "stop scripts".
  13. Send the log file to us for review and capture.