How to replace an approver (Vacation or Permanently)

Login to Fidesic and navigate to Manage Users. Then, click "Reassign Approvals (Vacation Tools)".



After you've clicked this, select the following: 

  1. Approval Type - Invoices or Payments
  2. Approver that is leaving
  3. Approver that is taking over
  4. Select what you'd like to replace:
    • Current Approvals
    • Future Approvals (Position in the workflow)
    • Both
  5. Select if this should be a permanent replacement, or temporary such as for a vacation or time off
    • If selected, choose the date window for the approvals to be re-routed


Note: If you selected to make this a temporary workflow change, you can view and manage this temporary replacement from "Manage Temporary Workflows" under the Options menu.