How to replace an approver (Vacation or Permanently)

If adding a new user, you can create a new user, copy the person they are replacing's permissions, update their place in the workflow and deactivate the old user in one process. 

To get started, from the Add User button on the Manage Users page, and check the box for Should this user have the same setup as an existing user? as well as the boxes for Replace copied user for current & future approvals and Deactivate copied user. 

Login to Fidesic and navigate to Manage Users. Then, click "Reassign Approvals (Vacation Tools)".



After you've clicked this, select the following: 

  1. Approval Type - Invoices or Payments
  2. Approver that is leaving
  3. Approver that is taking over
  4. Select what you'd like to replace:
    • Current Approvals
    • Future Approvals (Position in the workflow)
    • Both
  5. Select if this should be a permanent replacement, or temporary such as for a vacation or time off
    • If selected, choose the date window for the approvals to be re-routed


Note: If you selected to make this a temporary workflow change, you can view and manage this temporary replacement from "Manage Temporary Workflows" under the Options menu.