Approving Invoices using Fidesic


Once you've logged into Fidesic, The bell icon in the top right of the screen will let you know if you have any pending approvals: 


Click on that will take you to your unapproved invoices queue. You can also access this by using the left hand menu and clicking on "Approvals" 

The Unapproved Invoices Page will queue up all invoices that currently require your approval. From this page you can view all basic invoice detail. You can access the following functions from this page: 

  • View Invoice Detail - Will take you to a detailed page about the invoice, from this page you can:
    • Approve
    • Void
    • View/Add approvers
    • View the PDF copy
    • Adjust invoice details
    • Add additional attachments
  • Edit Invoice- This will take you to a similar page as invoice detail, however you'll be able to edit the invoice details.
  • Add Approver - This function (if available) will add additional approvers to the invoice 
  • Approve- This will send the invoice on to the next approver in the queue. 
  • Void - This will stop an invoice in it's tracks. AP will be notified that the invoice has been voided
  • Approve Selected- Will approve all invoices that you have added a checkmark to. 
  • Void Selected- Will void all invoices that you have added a checkmark to. 
  • PDF Attachment Viewing- This will take you directly to the PDF. This can be saved or printed like any normal PDF



  • View Invoice
    • After choosing view invoice from the approvals page you will be able to:
      • Adjust
        • You will be able to find the link to adjust/edit invoices here
      • Void
      • Approve
      • Send Message to vendor
      • Mark as exported
      • Add Approver
    • Approval Notes
      • Will show changes made to the approval process11.PNG
    • History
      • Shows what stage/approver the invoice is at and who has already approved it12.PNG




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