Servpro Franchise QuickBooks Integration Setup and Usage


Fidesic now supports direct integration between your Franchise Portal, and QuickBooks Online. 

Video Overview Here


To get started, click on the new Sync To Accounting option from the top navigation. 


Then select QuickBooks Online from the dropdown and click save. 


Then, click Connect to QuickBooks and login using your QuickBooks email and password to connect the two systems. 


After you've connected the systems, you'll need to pick your Servpro corporate vendor in the dropdown to assign these invoices to the proper vendor within QuickBooks Online. 



After that, you'll be able to refresh and get a list of invoices that have not yet been synced to QuickBooks Online. To sync them, select the invoices you'd like and click export. This will push all invoices that you've selected to QuickBooks Online automatically. 



Servpro Invoice Posting Guide

SERVPRO Invoices imported from GP may post to an approved account. Some invoices may need to be manually posted based on the details of the invoice OR posted to multiple accounts (i.e. ROYINV). The guide below is designed to help post SERVPRO invoices to the correct account.